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Wage Garnishments

Wage garnishments are deductions ordered by the court to be taken from an employee’s pay to pay a debt or legal obligation. Child support, medical bills, unpaid taxes or credit card debt, defaulted student loans, and outstanding court fees are common reasons for wage garnishments. Garnishments are a percentage of an employee’s compensation rather than a set dollar amount. If your income is being garnished, you’re mostly wondering what you can do to stop this action. Our experienced wage garnishment lawyer has several tools that may be able to help you with a garnishment order.

Our attorneys will understand how to defend your case if you’re sued for defaulting on a debt. If your income has an exemption available, we can block any garnishment of that income. Furthermore, we can help you sort through your debt-relief options, and if bankruptcy is the best solution to help you manage your debt, we can help you understand the process. Also, if your income is reduced due to a garnishment or a creditor is threatening wage garnishment, you need legal help. You don’t have to go through this situation alone. Our experienced attorney may be able to stop a wage garnishment that’s already started. Our bankruptcy attorney may also be able to reduce or eliminate debts that lead to garnishment. You do need to bear the burden of garnishments on your own, though. The quicker you seek legal advice, the quicker your garnishment will end. Contact us today!

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