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Foreclosure Defense

If you’ve been receiving frequent threats of home foreclosure, it’s time to take back control of the problem. At the law center of Robert E. McRorey, our foreclosure defense attorneys analyze each foreclosure case to customize an excellent defensive strategy available to the homeowners. Our unrivaled knowledge of the rules of procedure and law in these cases here in Olathe allows us to fight for our client’s rights as homeowners and provide them with much-needed leverage when dealing with their lenders. Whether you wish to save your property or walk away free and clear, we will guide you through your options and ensure that your goals are met. At Robert E McRorey’s law office, we strive to open new prospects for our clients and put them in a much better financial situation than before their cases. We represent you no matter what stage you are in the foreclosure process.

The power imbalance between a big bank or lending company and an individual can be overwhelming, and unfortunately, your lender is often counting on precisely that. When facing foreclosure, it could seem like you do not have options and no way forward beyond accepting an imminent foreclosure under the terms stated by your lender. Fortunately, there is assistance. All borrowers have the right to defend themselves against foreclosure. You also have the right to several deals, methods, and tools to help you catch up on back payments. These deals, techniques, and tools to avoid foreclosure are sometimes called “loss mitigation options.” Strategies that can prevent foreclosure, pay off back debt, and meet your monthly payments moving forward include litigation, mortgage restructuring, mediation, repayment plans, forbearance agreements, etc. Whatever strategy you wish to employ, you will find exactly that type of attorney in Robert E. McRorey. Contact us, and let’s get started.

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